13 November 2012


I may have found the unintended consequence of Obamacare that turns out to be a silver lining.

There was once a time in America where damn few companies were larger than a hand full of employees.

A nation where there wasn't a Wal Mart and the center of a town's commerce was main street.  The local grocery was family and locally owned not part of a national conglomerate.

A nation that was dominated by the middle class and pretty damn conservative because far more people were seeing the everyday aspects of running a business.

Obamacare created a situation where a smaller business is artificially more efficient than a larger one because of the "insurance" requirement.

Anti-trust?  No monopolies if there aren't any companies larger than ten employees.

Union busting.  Small companies don't need their labor organized and legally can't be subjected to collective bargaining.

ADA?  Fuck you, cripples we're too small to care.

And numerous other laws passed concerned with equality.  Worried about sexual harassment lawsuits? If you have fewer than 15 employees you can hire all men and never deal with it.  Same thing if you happen to be racist or worried about racial discrimination suits.  Under 15 and you don't have to record or report the gender/ethnic make-up of your staff.

This may be the biggest union-busting anti-trust law ever passed and it's only because the Dems are incompetent and didn't read it that it will do this!

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