02 November 2012

From Hell's Heart I Stab At Thee!

I am grappling with the Biscayne this weekend.  I totally understand how Cap't Ahab felt in his pursuit.

Changing the opti-spark, plugs and wires.

Because it's a swap motor, just about nothing can be ordered stock.

I am so very happy I recorded all the vital information!

The pain I am feeling today, however, is the same pain any 94-96 B-Body owner feels.

The #7 and #8 plugs can't be got at from the top.  It's just plain easier to jack up the front and attack them through the wheel wells with about 4' of extensions on your socket wrench.  #6 is blocked by the AC lines and will often be broken while getting the socket on it to remove it and you've got to be super careful when getting the socket off after you have the new one on.

Yesterday was tear-down.  I also got the replacement opti on and the passenger side plugs swapped.  Today was a lighter day and all that is done is the driver's side plugs.

Wires are tomorrow along with reassembly.

Have I mentioned how much I loathe the optispark distributor?


  1. What year, I have an old chevelle ss I just did plugs and wires, not fun on a big block. I love old cars, I have some pictures in back in my blog from Sept, I think, get a chance check it out.

  2. The Biscayne is a 1991 Caprice Classic that I did a lot of modding to.

    Since I stripped all the chrome and fake wood off it and the Biscayne was the stripper at one time; I rebadged it. A lot of the parts are 94-96 Impala SS and those guys hate clones, so I wasn't about to call it an Impala. But leaving it a Caprice seemed wrong since I'd done so many changes.

    Besides, I live in Florida where Key Biscayne actually is!


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