07 November 2012

Hakke Palle!

I have gone from one Mosin to three!

Left to right.

Izhevsk M-1891/30 (Svetlana)
SAKO Kiv/28-30 (Hanna)
Chongqing Type 53 (Lei)

I think I will be back down to two soon since Anglave (waves) has been wanting one for a short while and I'm a generous soul.

This is the first time I've had rifles that were on opposing sides in a war in the same place.  Svetlana was Soviet and Hanna was Finnish and both were made during the right time period to face each other.

PS:  Bought from a friend who was a little down on his luck using the evil face to face gun sale loophole.

PPS: Bonus points for knowing WHY Lei is her name.


  1. Because she's Chinese?

    I would like an M38 very much. Not the M44, don't want the folding bayonet.

  2. No bonus points, but you're on the right track.

    I have not seen a 38 for sale in a long time and the last few I saw were pretty darned beat up. The 44's, on the other hand, have been trending towards pristine with the Polish M-50's on the market. Lei is the second 44 I've had, the first was a Polish M-50. I think they're neat but the allure wears off pretty fast and I tend to ditch them.


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