14 November 2012

Cassandra Corner

How the civil war is going to start.

Someone who's bitter and angry about their car and or house being repo'd is going to pop a neighbor who's been living high on the hog on the dole or has otherwise avoided the consequences that have just befallen our someone.

The news reports the murder.

Instead of sympathy for the victim, viewers think, "hey, what a good idea!"

Suddenly there's a rash of copycat murders of welfare families.  Perhaps saturating the cops ability to investigate any but a small fraction.

Far fetched?  Have you been listening to people complaining about all the free shit others are getting?  Do those people sound happy?

I'll also bet you know at least one family that's blatantly abusing the rules and have discovered you need a social security number to report them.

"I'm fucked, so I'll fuck everyone else!" is a typical, human, response.

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