05 November 2012

Dead Battery!

Got the fuel filter replaced and put the 5 gallons I'd bought in.

Turned the key.  Nothin'.

Put the battery charger on it.  Got enough volts to get the fuel pump running.  I have 34 psi and it holds.

The old filter didn't show any resistance to being blown through.  So I think my problem was not fuel related at this time.  That's good!

However I think my poor battery is toast.  The charger is unhappy with charging it.

I tell you.  The fastest way to destroy a car is to let it sit.

I will probably need to replace the battery.  The front rotors are pretty rusty from sitting and when I had the nose in the air to get at the spark plugs I couldn't turn the wheels by hand.  Might need to do brakes too.  Dammit.  Luckily I have a spare set of pads laying around here someplace and I'd wanted to swap in some spiffy purple powder coated calipers I'd had done a few years ago.  Perhaps this is a sign.

I had to photoshop the pic to get it to look like real life because the camera makes it dark blue for some reason!
Why purple?  Because it's my son's favorite color.  He's mentally disabled and will never drive so we do a lot with the Bisqueen for him because this is as close as he's going to get.


The battery took enough charge to get it running!  And it runs!  I have 42psi of fuel pressure at idle and it's idling smoothly.  Time to put the water pump back on and reconnect the intake pipe.


It's alive!  ALIVE!  Special thanks to Igor and the Translyvannian Board of Tourism and Lightning.

I took a short drive around the vicinity to see how she's doing and the opti change seems to have fixed it.

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