23 November 2012


I am only just now wrapping my head around the idea that  Amazon.com is for more than just books.

My recent Mosin acquisitions didn't come with slings and the Chinese carbine was missing its cleaning rod.

Amazon was the first hit for "M44 cleaning rod" and a helpful link at the bottom of the page offered to add a sling to my order.

So I clicked on the link, changed the quantity on slings to two and checked out.

This generated an order at two different vendors.  The slings coming from New Jersey and the cleaning rod from California.

Freaking amazing.

Both vendors chose the venerable United States Post Office for their shipping.

I placed the order on the 19th and today have my stuff.

My mind still boggles at the immediacy of it all.

I can still recall writing to a vendor to order a part and including a check in that letter.  A letter would take more than a week to get to them, then the mythical "four to six weeks" allowance for shipping would begin and it never took less than five.

In its own way this is more amazing than the computer I carry as a phone.


  1. How do you like that Mosin, I got one, a friend needed helped out so I graciously took it off his hands, I think my K98 is a better gun, but I haven't shot the Mosin much.........

  2. I am honestly not much of a fan of the 91/30. I am impressed with the Kiv/28-30 and Kiv/39. The Finns Mauserized their Mosins and it makes all the difference. The 39 fits me like it was designed for my shoulder.

    I really need to sit down and write up the differences. Need some ammo to be delivered first... C'mon AIM!


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