14 November 2012

Legal Question

Actually it's a regulatory question.

Is it still a straw purchase if I pay the man (an FFL) then have him ship the gun to another FFL out of state?

I ask because I have friends who're always looking for particular guns, live in other places than I do, and are good for the money.  Stumbling across something on someone's wish list may also be time sensitive.

Going to jail for doing someone a favor would suck.

I tried asking a local FFL this question and I practically got kicked out of the store for attempting to make a straw-buy.

I am fairly certain that buying it, filling out the 4473, then selling it to my friend and shipping to their local FFL is legal.

Could be wrong.  Again, it'd suck to be in prison for being a nice guy.


  1. Well, you're not avoiding the paperwork for the ultimate recipient so you'd probably be good there. I'd also watch out about doing it too often, or you might run the risk of being an considered an unlicensed dealer.

  2. If your friend is good for the money, make the purchase. Have your friend send you a copy of his dealers FFL. Ship the gun to the FFL yourself. But like Cryptical said, don't do that very often. You are allowed to buy and sell to enhance your collection without being considered a dealer. But like eveything else, the guy with the badge makes the call.


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