11 November 2012

Veteran's Day Gripe

This is aimed at organizations like the VFW and American Legion.

I was stationed in Germany for a year and a half from 88-89 and spend a short trip not going to Afghanistan in 89.

I am not allowed to join because there was no official war going on that the US was involved in.

This bothers me because there's lots of guys who are allowed to join who did exactly what I did in Germany but since Vietnam was happening half a world away; they're golden.

My wasn't there didn't do it time would make me eligible, but I don't have a SOCOM MOS.

It seems horribly inconsistent.


Soldiers of all stripes gripe about their situation regardless of the fairness or equity of life.  I feel that if I didn't complain a bit I'd lose my "Vet Street Cred®".

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  1. Even though I did the same thing as you in GE, but also went to Bosnia, I am able to join those organizations. Since I feel that's inherently unfair, I joined AMVets instead. :)


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