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01 February 2013

Home Repair

In the recent spate of home repair stories...

Am I the only one who's fixed something and stood back and wondered, "that was too simple"?

Then fretted for weeks while it remained fixed?


  1. "Am I the only one who..."

    Nope, you are not...

    I wonder the exact same thing every time I step on the brake pedal...


  2. Oh hell yes. When we first moved into our condo, I replaced the dining room light with a ceiling fan/light combo. That was like 14 yrs ago. Every day, I keep waiting for my wiring job to short out and burn down half of San Diego.

  3. No, not by a long shot.
    Doesn't happen to me often; usually when a project involves 2 or less trips to the hardware store.

    I've laid awake at night wondering what I forgot to do and when it was going to become painfully obvious.


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