25 February 2013


I've decided that I like the Magpul stuff on Dottie so much that I am going to do the same to Kaylee, except in foliage green instead of OD.

Today I attempted to give the local guys a chance.

What a mistake.

Only two places were happy to talk to me about it.

Both told me that they just don't get enough demand for the foliage green they never stock that color, and someplace like Midway or Brownell's would be faster.

One was just too busy for me to get my question asked.

One played so cute and coy I just left.  Nyquil furniture? Ha ha.  A chase lounger?  How droll, wanna try being serious for a second?  No?  Try this; "No sale."

The other four places I stopped in at were actively hostile about my wanting to see if they had such things.  Buhwhuh?

Sir, I am a potential customer, I would like to give you money in exchange for goods.  A specific good, to be sure, but it should be a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Why are you mad at me for asking if you have something in stock?

Well, Midway carries what I want and has more of it in stock than anybody else, so they get the money.

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