17 February 2013


Got new Boresnakes for 5.56 and 6.8.  Copper solvents dissolve bronze bristles and storing the snake wet in a tight coil just gives the solvent more contact area...

Got a Boresnake for Fuzzy Geff's .243 because I was buying Boresnakes...

They should be here Tuesday along with the MOE handguard conversion for Dottie.

Went to the gun show in Plant City just for laughs and that's what I got!  Marv got some .22LR ammo, $85 for a brick of 500 Eley Match rounds.

A vendor surprised me by having all the parts I would have needed for the MOE conversion, in the OD I prefer too!  If I had known that there was a vendor with those parts and known I was going to the show, I would have saved myself the shipping charges.

C'est la vie.


  1. Put the Boresnake into the top section of your empty dishwasher and wash and rinse it after use, they will last a whole lot longer. If you have a small mess bag you can also run it through the handwash cycle of the washing machine.

  2. The Lovely Harvey's top section is not empty...

    Yeah, NOW you tell me I should take care of them! The good news is I learned the washing them trick before I ruined any of the other calibers. I can rig a ship with boresnakes. I need to simplify.


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