21 February 2013


Liberals have a problem with the idea that something is impossible.

They've an even bigger problem with making something impossible.

Let's walk possible backwards.

Rounding up everyone and making death camps.  Possible when only the government has guns.

Confiscating up all the guns.  Possible only when the government knows where all the guns are.

Find all the guns.  Possible when the only legal means of owning a firearm or getting ammo are tied to registering them.

Three steps between me and the death camps and by keeping registration from happening, we make it impossible to have them.

I am not saying that registration guarantees confiscation.  I am not saying that confiscation guarantees death camps.

I am saying that both those things make death camps POSSIBLE; and that death camps are scary enough that we should do nothing that makes it possible to have them.

This is coupled with a very cynical observation.

What do governments do?  Anything they can.  Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but eventually.

If they can register the guns, they probably will.
If they can confiscate the guns, they probably will.
If they can make death camps...

I may be mocked because the possible is unlikely.  I am reminded of a paper I read in college.  People were polled about "the Jewish question" in Europe and America.  The place people considered most likely to do something like what Hitler later did was the United States, Germany was a long ways down that list.  I doubt that it was considered unlikely ten years earlier was much consolation to those people stuffed into the train cars.

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