15 February 2013


Soon I will have a LaRue middy rail for sale.

Much of the advantage of a 4-rail system is theoretical for me.  The extra mass is reality.  Saving about 6.5 ounces doesn't seem like much, but it's a real savings.

On the bonus side, the MOE handguards can add rail sections where I need them and am actually using them.  In addition to the flexibility, they are also about an ounce lighter than standard middy handguards!

Review and photos will be posted!


Here's the break-down.

So far I've had three different rail forends for Dottie.

Original was a YHM-9634, but it was like gripping a coffee can.

Then came a YHM-5004A, but it got a bit too warm to me.

Then the present LaRue LT15-9, but it's a lot heavier than the 5004 once you add up all the rail covers.  0.28 lb. in rail covers!

Soon will be the MOE handguards.

Weight, complete gun, loaded magazine, no optics, no lights, with rail covers if any.

YHM-9634, 8.1 lb.
YHM-5004A, 8.0 lb.
LaRue LT15-9, 8.4 lb.
Magpul MOE, 8.0 lb.
Standard Middy Handguards, 8.1 lb.

It looks like most of my weight savings will be in getting rid of the rail covers, but every ounce counts!

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