27 February 2013

Two Edge

It's a meme.

"They aren't enforcing the gun laws that are on the books now."

Do we want them to?

Sure, everyone means they aren't prosecuting felon in possession, but there's scads of other malum prohibitum laws being ignored that don't affect anyone but us normal folks.  Bet you thought you weren't breaking the law, didn't you?

We shouldn't be attacking this from the "but you're not enforcing the laws we have now" angle but should be presenting, "if it's not going to be enforced, let's remove it from the books."


  1. Do we want them to?

    Yes, I do.
    Two aspects of the answer -- I want the violent criminals, the career criminals to be put in jail for a very long time. That means they have to actually prosecute them.

    For the non-violent, non-career criminal; we need to show the people just how bad the laws really are.

    I want them trying people for laws that don't make sense. I want the courts clogged down with millions of people who released 5 mylar/helium balloons on a beach and is facing a 3rd degree felony charge -- Let's see people acquitting them because it is a stupid law.

    We aren't going to get them to remove the laws from the books UNTIL more people wake up to what is on the books.

    1. I don't want to be one of the people being used as an example to show others how stupid these laws are.

      But you're right, these things don't get reversed until a majority decide to get upset about them enough to demand a change.

  2. Part of the problem IMNSHO is that way too many things are "felonies," including non-violent crimes. I'd have no problem with the likes of Bernie Madoff having guns (if he were on the outside, that is) but wouldn't let him near my finances.

    If we differentiated between "Violent" and "non-violent" crime, it would make more sense, insofar as anything the government does makes sense.


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