14 February 2013

Police Militarization

Hey, cops!

You wanna be soldiers?


Well you dress like them, you're armed like them and you put on the airs.

Soldiers can be and are ordered to go die.

Soldiers don't get to say, "I'm not assaulting that beach, I'll get shot!"  See you at your Courts Martial, private.

Would I have wanted to be the first guy through the door of Dorner's last stand?  No.  I would not have wanted to be Guy #1 in Boat #1 in Wave #1 at Normandy on D-Day either.

What's the difference, Officer?

It rhymes with, "Get in the boat, hit the beach, shut up and soldier."

Officer safety is becoming synonymous with laziness and cowardice and I am getting sick to death of hearing excuses made for them.

1 comment:

  1. And if they're going to be military...when you join up, you're signing away a lot of your "civilian" constitutional rights! Dragging malfeasant or abusive cops in front of a court-martial would be such fun, particularly when they found out that oops, their union reps couldn't do anything.

    Or...guess, what, Officer Hostile? You're military, so you don't get a union! Hope you have fun in Leavenworth for the next twenty years, scumballs!


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