22 February 2013

Fuck The Cold War Guys!

My leg is getting worse.

I took the several days of repeated visits to the VA clinic to see what may be done.

Have I tried ibuprofen?


What the VA seems to have forgotten is they all day waits to be seen give me ample time to talk to my fellow veterans.

I found out that a similar disability level if I were a Vietnam era, Desert Storm era or War on Noun era veteran that I'd be up for far better care and service.  In fact, I watch them come in after me and get called before me.

I've had a doctor say, twice now, "I shouldn't admit this but..."  Pain management meds, they aren't allowed to write scrips for non-war era vets under 75% disability.

Did you know that service connected disabilities that get worse are routinely bumped to a higher percentage if you're war era?  But not if you're cold-war.

Why might this be?  I guarantee you I was not doing anything in Germany during my service that someone in Germany between August 5, 1964 and May 7, 1975 didn't.

I think the huge difference in my service and theirs is we Cold War schmucks don't have The American Legion or VFW lobbying for us.  We're not even supposed to be able to join those organizations.

I've yet to meet a vet that felt that the war era veterans deserved a better standard than non-war for the same conditions, so why don't those organizations lobby for ALL veterans?

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  1. As an OIF veteran I can say we don't get treated much better. This is why I keep a job I hate to keep my family and I in private insurance.


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