26 February 2013

Restricted Items

When I buy beer, I must prove that I am older than 21.  My driver's license suffices and the government is not informed that I bought beer.

When I buy cigars, I must prove that I am older than 18.  My driver's license suffices and the government is not informed that I bought cigars.

When I have a prescription filled for pain-killers I must show photo ID.  My driver's license suffices and the government is not informed that I bought drugs.

When I buy a gun, I have to show that I am either 18 or 21 (depending on the type of firearm).  I must attest that I am really buying the gun and that I am allowed to.  My driver's license and word aren't enough and a government agency must verify that I am allowed.

But my rights will be violated if I am required to show ID to vote?  I do have to show such ID in Florida to vote in person, but not with all of the various and sundry remote voting methods.

The idea is one person, one vote.  Why is proving that one person only voted the one time such a threat?

Oh yeah...

I'm also in favor of making election day a holiday and that you vote in person.  The only exceptions to that would be military and diplomatic corps.  If you can't take time off one day every two years to do what is literally your most important duty as a citizen...  Are you a citizen at all?

I'd also make you trundle your butt to the county seat to register to vote and require that you'd done so no sooner than a year before the election.  I'd also require you do this at least once every four years.  You will have to prove who you are and that you are eligible to vote.

I'd make it FREE, and your voter ID card will be official gov't issue ID.  Genuine proof of citizenship.


  1. I was screwed by work once and had to satellite vote. I found out I would be out of state for training in on the date of the 2K election. Less than 2 weeks before the election.

    It was a joke. Felt like a 3rd world loser. Filling out ballots with a pencil instead of a pen? I should have saved them the trouble and voted opposite of who I wanted to vote for. I've never trusted the stupid mail in ballot crap anyway, only a novice Democrat party hack (or a Republican) cannot see how easy it would be to cheat the system.

  2. Given that the "Progressives" are all about funding just about EVERYTHING from the public larder...except for voter ID.

    It shows that its more important to them to have illegal votes than legal ones.


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