18 February 2013

I Have Been Challenged!

Tabitha is one of my AR's with a MLP roll mark.

I have been challenged to put this furniture set on her.

Here's a link to the parts.

I will accept this challenge; you buy 'em, I'll mount them and leave them on for a least a year.  Milspec stock, tapered mid-length handguards.  I will make the purchase if money for them is sent.

There's a side motive, purple is The Boy's favorite color.  He's never going to own a gun, being severely retarded, but he'd be delighted to see one of Daddy's guns in his favorite color.


  1. I'll tell you what, just trade me that lower for my forged CMMG receiver, we don't want to make the COLT unhappy now do we?......lol.......;)

  2. I rather like my MLP lower. It's a Nodak-Spud A1 lower and it's forged 7075-T6 just like the big-boys. The main difference is that it's anodized in gray not black and it lacks the changes made to the lower between the M16A1 and M16A2. They're minor, but important to a retro head.


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