17 February 2013

Local Variation

I lost the tab I had open to give credit, if someone knows where I got this, leave me a comment so I can give it.

Gun rights are civil rights.  I just read (paraphrasing) we didn't worry about local variations and traditions when we were talking about the civil rights of blacks, did we?  We went national with that!

Particularly since the main problem was precisely one of regional tradition.

I recall that a fellow gun blogger was chastising us because we weren't Rosa Parks and gun-owners weren't near so bad off as the victims of racism?

I have to admit that's true, I don't think I've heard of any lynchings of gun owners.  That violence thing is kinda contraindicated by the whole victim having a gun, ain't it.  Proves one of our points too.

But we do have all manner of things that are similar to the separate but equal bullshit.

How many places is it OK to be for everyone BUT someone legally carrying?

How many places is it virtually impossible to buy a gun even if it's not outright banned?

We're not allowed on the bus at all.  There was at least someplace for Rosa to sit legally, wasn't there?  In that respect we're worse off.  I notice that I don't see many folks taking the position that because she could have moved to the back of the bus that she shouldn't have made her stand (no pun intended).

I do get this attitude from other gun owners.  Especially about the very idea of open carry.

So, let's boil this down and be simplistic.

I have a right to own a gun; the keep part of the 2nd.
I have a right to carry a gun; the bear part of the 2nd.
They can't tell me what kind of gun; the 9th.
The states have to let me; the 14th.

We sort that out and we'll be much more free.

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  1. Time to shake up the ACLU? They've been known to do good work...


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