13 June 2014


I get ticked from time to time about the pace of getting our rights back.

Since I started paying attention in late 1992 the AWB was enacted, expired and wasn't renewed.  Net no change.

Importation of evol guns has been banned by executive order, no movement to change that by law.  Some of those bans predate 1992...

Importation of ammo has been banned by executive order.

We got the protection of commerce act in the plus category.

NFA wait times went from over a year to a month or so to nearly a year again.

FOPA, which was a huge plus in 1986 (except for one thing) has been circumvented in the places where it's needed most (but that's at the state level really).

More than twenty years I've been active at this and I'm tired and bored.

I'm sick of the best we can get being not anti-gun from the Republicans.

I'm sick of the best we can get from the Democrats is not actively promoting gun control; because they will vote as they're told when the rubber meets the road.

I'm sick of the progress being reset because a whacko shoots someone.

I'm sick of the lopsided media.

I'm sick of our side panicking about something happening that's really machts nichts but lets the people who hate us feel better about hating us briefly.  It doesn't change that they hate us.

I am mostly happy at the state level, but I am getting sick of the predictable opposition of law enforcement organizations and an attitude of, "you've got x why do you need y".

I am sick of "BECAUSE LIBERTY" not being an acceptable reason; because at the heart it's the ONLY reason.

I am sick of the military being used as police overseas and the local police acting like soldiers.

I feel like we're not getting anywhere lately and it's really bothersome.

Edit: Am I just focusing too much on the negative that I'm not seeing the positive?  I hope so.


  1. It ain't much, but FWIW, I'm right with you.

  2. because blogger wouldn't spit out my long-winded response, I posted it here!


  3. I've been active in RKBA since the Gun Control Act of 1968. The battle in the executive realm is bad at federal but good in most states. The battle in the legislative realm is stalemate at federal, good in most states, really bad in a few states. In the judicial realm its bouncing back and forth. Media realm sucks but there are some signs of awakening. But those are just battles.

    The real war is being fought on the rifle range. More and more people, particularly young people, urban people, and women are learning that shooting is safe, empowering, and fun. The anti-gun folks totally don't understand this (and a lot of us don't either) but that's our future.

  4. Did you know that Claire (101 Things To Do Till The Revolution) Wolfe linked to this entry?

    I think you'd like her books. The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook in particular, although I myself don't see where she gets her mad animus against ID cards.


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