10 June 2014

Dear Target Guest Services

Just to note, the magical "no guns" field that is emanated by whatever little sign you plan on using when you ban firearms from your stores also affects my wallet and prevents any of my money from entering as well.

With a Wal Mart across the street from the nearest Target, it's a simple matter to spend my money there instead.

Or to drive to one of the several struggling Malls or K-Marts who would welcome my business and rejoice at your company's hardships.

It will not just be me who will shop elsewhere, but my entire family.  You might even notice the loss in revenue.

I understand that "doing the right thing" must take precedence over mere profits of course.  Oh wait, it cannot.  I see that Target is a publicly traded corporation and dropped from 56.91 to 56.86 today.

Personally I don't think I'd care to explain that those losses could be directly attributed to gun owners choosing to shop elsewhere.

Note: at 0930 09JUN14 TGT traded at $58.13.  Then the news broke.  They are trading at $56.86 at close today.  That's the lever you use.  The announcement from Mother Demand Something didn't increase the stock price even a little and until June 9th the trend was UPWARD not down.

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  1. Please also note that while the sign may keep you out, the magic "no guns" field won't actually stop anyone with criminal or violent intent.


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