05 June 2014


I'd always thought this was a Spanish gun from the name...


It's striker fired and has the most interesting grip safety I've ever seen.  When it's back, the gun is on safe.  When you squeeze it, it clicks forward and stays there and the gun is on fire.

If you want to put it back on safe, there's a cute little button that releases the grip safety where I'd have thought a slide stop would go.  There is no slide stop.

It's in .32 ACP.  The magazine is very neat, it's hard chromed.

Special thanks to Willard for bringing it by for me to play with.


  1. Also look at the breech face when you cycle it. The firing pin doubles as an ejector!

    Neat gun

    1. Just like Browning's early designs like the Vest Pocket.

  2. Dammit! Angus, stop showing us these neat and unusual guns, it forces me to go out and find one to add to the collection!
    Still searching for a Luger in working condition (yeah, fiddly and heavy but on the bucket list).
    Also fancy a broomhandle, probably one of the Spanish ones, so the list keeps growing, but patience and luck seem to go together when funds are not unlimited.


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