06 June 2014

The Picture On The Can Tells You What's Inside

Our sore toothed puppy needed wanted something softer while we finish up the pre-op antibiotic regimen.  His close relative looks so happy about being on the can we just had to pick THIS flavor.

He likes it!

He ate about half and the cat did get some, in case you were worried about her starving because of the selfish puppy.

He's actually not having any problem eating his dry food and isn't losing any weight despite the abscessed tooth.

The antibiotics have really made the spot on his face get smaller.

Still time to toss some change in the donation bin if you wanna help him out.


  1. As an aside, I read an issue of Science magazine back in the 80s that tried to advance the notion that actual human cannibalism has never existed. One of their arguments was that cannibalism was always attributed to "others" (a fancy way of saying "raaacissst!!!").

    As an example, they wrote that in the early days of commercial canned food and American slavery, one brand had an Aunt Jemima-type character on it, which the slaves reflexively read as "The Picture On The Can Tells You What's Inside".

  2. I thought the can was "Instant Dog, just add water!"

    He looks like a real nice dog. I wish I could meet him.


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