31 May 2015


3" PVC, some fittings and a board makes flying so much more comfortable.

Also an empty desk is a sign of someone who can clean up after themselves and finish a task before "Hey look a squirrel!"

Update:  This arrangement is an update to this one.  The old arrangement was flanges on straight pipe, here the throttle is on two 45° bends to move it back in relation to the pedals without remaking the base.  The stick is the same deal except with two 22.5° bends.  In both cases I also lowered them for more comfort.


  1. Is that a 3 monitor setup I see (most of)? Been wanting to upgrade to one of those, but I haven't tried with any games as of yet because 2 monitors would just be weird (and do things like put the important aiming bits on the crease between monitors). How was it getting everything to play nice (things spread across all screens, etc)? Nice setup, including the M570.

    Those flight controls could use a bit of dusting, though.

    1. Just two monitors. The flight sim I play, Strike Fighters 2, only has single monitor support.

      It's not the prettiest sim out there, but real tactics work and the immersion is excellent. There's a dearth of sims that have F-8 Crusaders and F-4 Phantoms out there too.

      I *LOATHE* normal mice. Hated them for drafting where their little tails would drag the cursor off where you wanted to drop your object. Thumb balls are my preferred pointer, sadly they don't make a wired one anymore.

      I do dust the things, but my house is just super dust laden.


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