04 August 2017


 Top to bottom:

DSA SA-58 Standard standing in for an FN FAL 50.00.

Springfield Armory M1A standing in for a Springfield National Armory M14.

James River Armory BM-59 standing in for a Beretta BM-59.

PTR Model 91 GI standing in for an H&K G3A3.

DPMS LR308 modified with a Faxon barrel to M1956A2 standard standing in for an Artillerie Inrichtingen AR-10.

Some guns are representative of several types.  The FAL covers both inch and metric patterns.  The G3 also covers CETME.  The AR-10 is a poor representation, but this configuration is doable.

We're now soliciting virgin shoulders for firing impressions who can make Florida Firearms Academy, 4321 US Highway 19, New Port Richey, FL 34652 on Sunday 06Aug17 (Hiroshima Day) between 1400 and 1700.

What we're looking to test is how mass, configuration and weight affect perceived recoil.

Speaking of...

FAL, 21" barrel, short stroke gas piston, 10 lb. 13.9 oz.
M1A 22" barrel, White system long stroke gas piston, 11 lb. 6.4 oz.
BM-59, 19.3" barrel, Garand system long stroke gas piston, 11 lb. 15.4 oz.
G3A3, 17.7" barrel, roller-delayed blow-back, 11 lb. 4.4 oz.
M1956A2, 20" barrel, Stoner gas system, 10 lb. 14.9 oz.


  1. How do you like Florida Firearms Academy? Specifically their New Port Richey location?

    I ask because my family and I are going down there in late November to visit my sister in law and her family. And I'd like to take their kids to a firearms safety class while we're down there, or at least take them somewhere I can show them the safety rules and how to handle firearms. There was another place I found in the area via a Google search that looked promising, as well...

    Thank you,in advance, for any information you can provide. Or if you'd like to continue the discussion via email, I'm happy to do that as well.

    1. I like them enough to be a member and to keep paying them to shoot there!

      The staff is cheerful and friendly, and that helps a lot.

      They've both formal classes and informal instruction available. Being a know-it-all-with-nothing-to-learn, I've never taken any classes there. ;) Marv and I are soon to be taking their holster drawing class and maybe their emergency medicine class.

    2. Excellent!

      Thank you very much!

  2. That was fun .
    Can we do that again?


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