05 August 2017

Intransigent Glut

Willard got some decent deals on his 7.62 NATO acquisitions.

He got all but the BM-59 from GunBroker.

Looking at some of the local gun and pawn shops prices; I don't think they're aware of the glut.

Put another way, people on GunBroker are looking to sell guns.  The local shops appear to be looking to display their collections.

We're not in the first year of a Hillary Clinton presidency with Speaker of the House Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Schumer.

While R across the board doesn't necessarily mean gun stuff is going to get better, it's a near lock that it's not going to get worse.

If gun stuff is not poised to get worse, prices on lots of things deflate rather than inflate.

Things that were affected by the AWB are in the deflation category.

Lots of gun and pawn shops need to be introduced to the "sunk cost" fallacy.

It simply does not matter what you paid for something when selling it.

Read that again.

What you paid does not set the value of the item.  It establishes the price to determine if you're making a profit or taking a loss.

Example.  There's a local pawn shop with a Winchester Model 54 in .30-06.  They've had a $500 price tag on it for the past five years.  Inquiries to see if they can come down on that price are met with a blanket, "we can't change the price" with an implication that the person who can isn't there.

I hate to break it to them...  The only person asking after that rifle is me.  It's not a $500 gun to me.  If there was a $500 buyer in this market, they'd have wandered in and bought the thing by now.  I'd happily offer $300 for it, but can't get them to negotiate.

$300 is more than $0 and makes maintaining the thing someone else's responsibility.

If they paid $400 for it (which I doubt), then $300 is a $100 loss; but a no-sale at $500 is a $400 loss not a $100 gain.

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