21 August 2017

I Wore An Apricot Shirt

I gavotted.

Saw the total eclipse of the sun.


  1. I trust you let the crew of the Lear jet watch as well, from the lesser seats of course.

  2. I Wore An Apricot Shirt. I gavotted.

    Okay, that took me a few seconds to get it..................

  3. Alas, there were no Nova Scotians.

  4. Nice exposure work.

    Did your hat strategically dip below one eye?

    I got my desire to see a total eclipse from that one. I was a kid in Miami, and the path went over south Georgia (Waycross, for one). It was a tougher drive in those days, and my folks weren't about to loan the only family car to the 16 year old who had just gotten his first license so he could drive up there. So I took my first decent telescope out in the backyard, a 4-1/2" f10 reflector, and projected the image on a piece of cardboard.

    The coincidence of life is that my wife was living in Waycross and recalls it vividly.

    1. I did strategically dip my hat, but took no pics!

      Strange for someone as vain as I, no?


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