10 August 2017


It came up more than once when I was a wee little wog.

When I was taking kenjitsu I was aware of kendo.

There's some overlap, but one is for fighting with a sword, the other is for fencing with a bamboo simulacrum of a sword.

Fencing is also not fighting with a sword.

IPSC is not fighting with a pistol.


Because Kendo, Fencing and IPSC have rules and scoring.

Are they useless for fighting?

No, there's stuff in them that you can use in a fight.  IPSC more than blades, to be sure.

If your bladed martial art doesn't have an answer to, "why don't I knee my opponent in the groin?" it's not about fighting.

What would your school do if you swung your sword BY THE BLADE to strike with the hilt?  Did you know that was a valid fighting technique?  Surprised me when I was learning it too.

Did you know that sword duels didn't resemble fencing matches at all?  Life was on the line and you did everything you could to live!  The Royal Armouries have a series on it, in fact.

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