10 August 2017

Thinking About It

I am this -><- close to shutting down Facebook again.

It sucks because there's about ten people I never hear from any other way.

But I'm also starting to come around to the idea that if Facebook is the only way you're in contact with someone, you're not friends.


  1. I often go by the old adage of "keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer". I've got a lot of facebook "friends" who are at most even aquaintences on the most superficial level. Probably a lot of them would think I was the most evil person ever if they knew my opinions on politics or religion or any one of a few other topics. And yes, it does suck to hear some of the vindictive vitriol and bile that they spew about those topics... But I'd rather know where people stand on things. And there are a rare few of them that like me are able to put aside the topics we disagree on and have friendly discourse on other topics that aren't contentious.

  2. well, your account says you are not available right now...


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