08 August 2017

Have You Read Your Book?

"It costs $00.00 to thank God for the simple things like being alive."

Yeah, except for tithing.

Forgot about the tithing, didn't you?

Did you plunk down 10% to God?  That's more than $0.00.  Sometimes a lot more.

Even if God takes time, He wants 10% of it, also more than $0.00 unless your time is actually worthless.

Screaming at me for pointing out YOUR BIBLE and YOUR TRADITIONS both call for a 10% tithe doesn't mean they don't exist.

Again, why does the Paganesque Atheist (don't think too hard about that label) know more about your religion than you do?

1 comment:

  1. If they really knew their religion they'd be atheist.


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