12 August 2017

Mathiness Is Racist And Sexist And Homophobic?

As near as I can tell, anything that proves anything about race, sex or LGBT that doesn't adhere to the SJW byline is racist, sexist and homophobic.

The numbers don't care about feels.

All you have to do is actually read "The Bell Curve" and compare it to the condemnations of it.

Suggest that the gender pay gap stems more from women being more apt to take time off for family reasons, or that they just aren't as obsessively dedicated to the work as men... off with your head!

I've watched several companies grapple with the issue where a minority employee essentially stops working once they're out of their probationary period and what to do about it.  When a white male does this, they can simply be fired.  A member of the specially protected classes can, and often will, claim racism, sexism or homophobia and then proceed to hiring lawyers.

Months and months are spent carefully documenting that the employee isn't actually doing their job.  Hours of productive time is lost.  If that were the end of it, perhaps it could be accounted for.  But everyone around the bad employee sees that they can collect a paycheck for months without actually working.

They learn to game the system to extend the time by straightening up and flying right while in punitive probation periods.

The numbers don't care, but they do accumulate.

It pisses me off because I'm an advocate of equality.  Equality, though, means that if I'd have to put in a consistent 75 hour work week and skip birthdays and school events; so does everyone else to get ahead.  I noticed quite early that it was expected of me, and not of my female co-workers.  I also noticed, also quite early, that I was being promoted faster than them as well.  Going along with this, though, was the men who noticed this and chose to emulate the women's time away.

They were fired.

But none dare call it sexism.

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  1. Yep, but you're obviously a sexist chauvinist... You 'expect' to be rewarded for actually working... sigh


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