31 August 2017

Chequered Future

Gods save me, I've become interested in trying to do gun-stock checkering.

I think we can blame Larry Potterfield.

Really what it's coming down to is my interest in Winchester Model 54's.

There's no original stocks out there and the few places that will make you something only offer stocks that are unfinished and 96% inletted.

Something that looks this simple has to be fiendishly difficult.

It could be one of those things where my mind sees it as simple as it will be for me, even though it's not for others.

So far all of the explanations make sense to me.

The most daunting thing about this idea is the cost of the tools.

On the plus side, it's definitely a marketable skill.  Even more so since the people I see doing this for a living are all 20-30 years older than I am.  How much longer will they be around to cut diamonds?


  1. You might want to watch this video first.

    Link to video where a gunsmith does some checkering.

    C&rsenal's Anvil series is excellent, in my opinion, and this is one of them.


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