24 August 2017

Eclipse After Action

Here's where we watched the event.  A defunct truck stop at exit 117 in Tennessee on I65 just south of the Kentucky border.

As the light faded I had a moment of vertigo because part of my brain was saying, "twilight" and another part was trying to reconcile the angle of the shadows with a sun that wasn't low in the sky.

My pictures of totality came out good, and it was an accident.  All I did was remove the solar filter from my camera which was set to take a pic of the tiny crescent right before totality.

I only took two of the corona because I was following the "take it in, don't glue your eye to a camera" advice.

The huge thing I saw that I'd never even read about was at the end, when the sun was just peeking around the moon again was the deep indigo oval in the sky where the shadow of the moon was.  It kept moving away from us as the light got brighter.

I've been reading that there's six minutes of totality over Tampa in 2045.  All I have to do is LIVE to see that one.  I'll be 76, if I live that long.  The men on both sides of my family routinely make that!  Most just barely...

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