16 August 2017

You Can't Tell Them Apart Because At Their Core They're The Same

Stolen from Miguel.

Antifa has taken on the mantle of Communism.  Remember Communism?  The political system that looked at what Hitler did and said, "hold my vodka!"?  No, I don't think I trust what you're saying.

Because Fascism and Communism have a common root, it actually IS difficult to tell them apart.

OBLM?  Fuck you.  Stop assaulting officers and the cops stop shooting at you.

But all three groups are leftist socialist, and it's not that centrists cannot tell them apart, we simply don't care to distinguish between them.

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  1. I'd actually believe that BLM was about "black lives mattering" if they got as het up about blacks who're shot by other blacks. Little kids get shot down in the ghetto and the only thing to hear from BLM is the noise of crickets chirping.

    And by an amazing co-inky-dink, the blacks about whose deaths they do get wound up almost always were up to serious bad stuff, just the sort of thing to get anybody at all shot by a cop.


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