14 September 2014

Hecho En Argentina

Willard may or may not have stopped by and may or may not have dropped off a .22LR conversion kit for a Browning High Power.

That looks like this:

In the box:  Take-down tool; slide assembly; conversion slide stop; and ten round .22LR magazine.

The conversion is a housing that looks like and replaces the slide of the host gun with a new slide and barrel assembly inside it.

The barrel "bushing" threads onto the barrel and is how the assembly is adjusted for fit to the host.  Tightening or loosening the bushing moves the hole in the barrel to align it with the slide stop pin hole in the frame.  A ball detent keeps the bushing from loosening during shooting.

Alas, someone did not swage the ball in correctly and Murphy caused Willard to lose the ball and spring one fine day.  It's probably a standard size ball and spring, just need to research a bit.  It's a standard 3/32" ball detent.  And for about $50 I can get 20 of them with springs from Brownells.  Now I look to see if I can find some cheaper locally.


Shoot Straight Tampa had the ball, but no spring.  A Bic Mini's flint spring is about the right diameter, but way too long.  I did the planning and acquisition; Marv did the installation and swaging.  We even have a spare ball and lots of extra spring.

Put together you can see that it doesn't have the same contours as the FN slide and transforms the appearance to something vaguely Smith and Wesson...  The ejection port is way farther to the rear than stock too.

Range report to come.

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