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03 October 2011


Wanting a government at all does not a statist make.

Minarchists are not statists in the same manner that a single drop of toxic waste turns a drum of spring water into toxic waste.

There are lots of things that are simply done better centrally.

There are lots of things that are simply clusterfucks when done centrally.

Likewise, there are many things that simply don't get done at all if left to individuals.

I want to maximize liberty.  I want the freedom to do the most I want.  My freedom has to be tempered with not messing with other people.

Loud music is something where lots of anarchist and libertarian ideals fall apart.

My neighbor's music infringes on my right to solace in my home.  If he refuses to turn it down has he initiated force?  What are my reasonable options?  Is it right to kill him over the subwoofer?  Can I levy a fine?  What happens if he doesn't pay?  Do I shoot him now?

Seems like all I have is learn to deal with his rudeness, kill him or move.  Do I have all my options listed?

It's practical, real-world, situations like that where I wonder about the viability of the libertarian utopia.

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