15 January 2012

Meme Clarification and Going Godwin

Weer'd is continuing the "debate" with Joan Peterson about how callous we were about our candles and guns.  I'd like to explain why I included the above photo with my series.

It's grainy but something stands out very quickly.  Who has guns?  There are none evident in this picture.  The two nazi officers are probably carrying sidearms.  When the populace is disarmed it only takes two handguns to make many more do what they're told.

When I read about the Holocaust I was shocked.  Literally amazed.

I took the time while I was a solider to go to the memorials made from the death camps.  Dachau in Germany and Auschwitz in Poland.  The two locations are significant.  If the Holocaust had not occurred, one side or the other in the Cold War had a vested interest in revealing the sham of the other side.  Both Poland and West Germany had memorials.  Large memorials.

My candle and "assault rifle" are symbolic of my intent to violently resist government violence and murder not the more mundane criminal violence my carry guns are for.

I say mundane, but it's actually far less common than government murder.

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  1. Look at the tower toward the right in the background. There appear to be two figures in the tower, and they are almost certainly armed with at least one MG34 or MG42 - both of which had incredibly high rates of fire (1200 to 1500 rounds per minute for the 42). Even if the two German officers in the foreground were overpowered and their sidearms seized, a P38 or P08 piston is no match for the MGs in the tower.

    The object lesson here is that a free society DEMANDS that the citizenry be at least as well armed as any government... as our Founding Fathers intended.


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