22 January 2012


Today I was accused of being a fascist because I intensely dislike the constant, idiotic prattle about professional sports.

Let me illuminate why this accusation causes my blood to boil and the red curtain descend.

My great grandfather fled Italy to America, literally steps ahead of the Fascisti police.  He left behind his parents, five brothers, six sisters and three children.  He never saw any of them again.

Granpa was a labor organizer.  The best he was able to find out was they were all murdered for his escape.

I learned a lot from Granpa that didn't gel until long after he'd died.  I remember him talking to my father and uncle about it and how to spot it.

To be called a fascist when my Great Grandfather had lost so much saving his wife and four other children?  It's a good thing I am a non-violent person by nature.

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