09 January 2012

Deflagging A S&W 640-3

I have bowed to public pressure and deleted the locking flag on my 640-3, theoretically opening myself up to all manner of lawsuits should I have to shoot someone with my J-Frame.

I used this instruction video.


The flag delete leaves this teeny hole open in the frame.  It's weird, I don't mind the zit, but an open hole drives me batty.

So I ground off the engagement lug on the flag.  Now the revolver works regardless of the position of the locking cam and flag; plus no unsightly hole!

1 comment:

  1. What they need are stainless, blue, and aluminum pins that plug the hole and the zit.

    I still wonder why S&W makes guns with the Zit. I know you can still buy the 642 WITHOUT the zit, so they MAKE them, but why they chose not to is beyond me.


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