29 January 2012

Bill Jenkins?

Bill Jenkins is the name of a character I played in one of Geff's worlds!

Bill was an orc from an alternate Earth where the Confederate States of America had prevailed against the United State's cowardly war of aggression.

Here's a pic I drew of the character in 1995.

In the alternate history, the slaves (orcs) were freed during the War of Mexican Annexation of 1892.  Bill is a corporal in the Georgian Marines (each state having their own military).  He carries a Tredregar made clone of an SMLE Mk III rifle and a Broomhandle Mauser in .455 Browning.

Bill, in Geff's world (a TL3 fantasy setting), was on a campaign to rid it of slavery altogether.  His methods were a "kill them all, God will know his own" sort.

I am very amused that some anti-gunner some place carries the same name as a cold-blooded fanatical killer.


The character was originally made with GURPS 3rd Edition (Revised); anything with stats can be made into a character.

The Rifle is a Tredregar M-1907 in .303 British.
The Pistol is an H&R M-1896A2 in .455 Browning.  .455 Browning is identical to .45 ACP in our world.  It's a legacy of the political alliance with Deseret just after WW1 where some attempt was made at commonality.

I am kinda stunned at how much background I put together for this character.  The setting allowed us to have a character who was not from the world.  The character background didn't matter so much; but I detailed it anyways.

Utah (and some surrounds) is Deseret.  The CSA includes New Mexico and Mexico and a bit of Colorado.  The US became aligned with French interests after the civil war and the CSA with British.  A bit of reconciliation happened between them during WW1 because they both fought against the Germans.

The handgun Bill carries is not the standard issue pistol for CSA troops.  Each state issues it's own sidearms in .455 Browning (mostly designs from the SLC Arsenal of Deseret).  The Mauser was adopted nearly universally for issue to Orc troops as an NCO test.  The prospective NCO is issued their Broomhandle when promoted to corporal.  If it's still in working order at the end of a year they keep their rank and are eligible for further promotion.  A complicated design was a feature.

The world Bill is from contains the standard D&D races, human, elf, dwarf, orc...  With orcs taking on the oppressed minority role wherever it shows and elves assuming the elite job.  So blacks, chinese and irish in North America are played by Orcs.  People like the Vanderbilts and Roosevelts (and royal families) are played by elves.  Important inventors and scientists are almost all dwarves.

It's overly simplistic, but it's a character background not a developed world setting.

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  1. I always enjoyed Game systems that portrayed the "Monster" races closer to the PC races.

    And an Orc with a SMLE (BTW what would the SMLE be chambered in?) is all together too damn cool!


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