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05 November 2012

By The Way

As of today the Biscayne has 269,589 miles on her.

Admittedly, the engine has only 83,250 of those (but it was a 60k motor when I got it).

The trans is practically new with a mere 29,677 total miles.

The car ran off the assembly line in Willow Run, Michigan on March 15, 1990.

All things considered, it's doing pretty good.

I notice that I don't see many other '91 model year cars out there.  Camaros, Firebirds, Mustangs and F-150's for the most part.  Not hardly a single Japanese car.

That's not to say that a rice-burner couldn't last as many miles or years, but nobody loves them enough to take care of them well enough to keep them around.

Since I bought the car, including buying it but not including gas, I've put $33,122.16 into it.

A bit over $10k is maintenance and repairs.  $13,300 is mods (and some of the mods caused repairs to be needed DOH!)

I'd say I've gotten a heck of a good value out of it so far.  13¢ a mile!

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