07 November 2012

Cassandra Corner

Here's my prediction.

The divide and conquer politics has divided us pretty damn well.

What I think we're going to see soon is the return of open racism and open sexism.

If I cannot oppose a president's economic policies without being a racist, fine; I'll be a racist.  A real one.

If I cannot object to paying for abortions because it violates my religious principles without being a sexist; I'll be a sexist.  A real one.

What we have going on is many people being punished for crimes they did not commit.  They are discovering that denying the accusation and demonstrating its untruth does not matter.

And when it doesn't matter, why should they bother with the right thing?

By the way, guys, while you were doing your thing you've also stripped the barriers that would protect minority rights should the racism thing return with a vengeance.

I will shake my head and smile ruefully when it's back to "Bitches in the kitchen, niggers in the field, and faggots on the fire."  You don't get to be surprised that actively pissing off a large segment of society actually GOT pissed off.  You don't get to whine when that anger bites you.

The only thing saving you now is that the people you're going out of your way to piss off agree that sexism and racism are wrong.  Keep the pressure up and you'll get them to believe that they are sexist and racist and that they are RIGHT to feel so.


  1. Makes sense to me.........posted.....

  2. We already see open sexism, against men. I'm still looking (in vain of course) for a t-shirt that says, "Girls are dumb. Throw rocks at them.)

    If this "War on Women" continues, one of these days the men are actually going to show up. Popcorn anyone?

  3. Too f'ing right, mate.
    If I'm in for a dime, I'm in for a dollar.
    If I'm being punished for something I didn't do, I'll damned well enjoy the benefit of the action.

  4. Excellent post. My own take is "if I am condemned no matter what I do, then what incentive have I got to be good?"


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