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18 November 2012

Experimental Confirmation!

Took Sabrina to the range yesterday afternoon.  Florida Firearms Academy on Hillsborough Ave is a very nice facility.  Friendly staff and well run!  I will be returning.

They allow rifles, but max range is a paltry 25 yards.  More than enough for pistols!

At any rate, Sabrina was zeroed (11.5" 1:9 barrel) for the 69gr SMK from Black Hills I have.

I got to the range and was using Marv's M193 from SSA.  Hits were low and to the right.

I'd seen this before.

The real world works just like something I read on the internet!  Who expected that?


  1. Excellent link, bookmarked and posted.......;)

  2. Oh, and it made my little lady's place by mistake, doubletroubletwo.blogspot.com........
    that's what happens when they give you the password ........


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