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09 November 2012

For Tam!

Here's the deal.

I don't have two cents to rub together, but I wanna help out our Tam.

What we have here is a Spikes Tactical Florida Limited Edition stripped lower.

Since we're not cheap, bidding starts at $100 and we'll let it run until Black Friday (26Nov12).  I'll pay the UPS shipping to the FFL of your choice (or face to face if won by a Floridian).  I'll hit her tip jar with the entire selling price!  Actually it makes a lot more sense if the winner hits the tip jar and sends me the receipt; let's do it that way!  Bid in the comments!  Or e-mail me and I will add a bid-comment in your name.

Cancer got my mom and The Lovely Harvey is a survivor of the very same cancer as Tam.  If this will help someone be a cancer survivor, it's the least I can do.

EDIT: It should go without saying, but...  You have to be legal to own this and it must be legal to own where it's shipped!


  1. Miss D. and I donated $100 directly to Tam via PayPal before we knew about your 'auction'. I don't know if that qualifies as an entry; if it does, and you need a copy of the receipt, please let me know (my e-mail addy's in my blog profile). If not, no problem.

    Thanks for helping Tam like this.

  2. I'll tell you what, email the receipt to mcthag@gmail.com and if nobody else bothers to bid you get a lower!

    My intent was for people to bid here and only the winner spend their money. But if people want to compete for the highest donation to get a lower, OK. ;)

  3. OK, thanks. Receipt's on the way.

  4. I am in. F2F in FL. That would go nicely with my Spikes midlength upper I just finished. Derek 135.00

  5. The WINNAH! At $135 is Derek Simonds.

    I need an email with a receipt for that amount into Tam's tip jar. mcthag -AT- gmail -DOT- com

    I also need to know where in FL you are so we can pick a nice halfway point.


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