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10 November 2012


Marijuana is a gateway drug.

That means that people who use pot tend to move onto harder drugs like cocaine or heroin.

What I am curious about:

Is it a gateway drug because one kind of drug leads to another?


Does it lead to harder drugs because it opens the door to dealing with the illegal black market, which makes a lot more money on the harder drugs and has a gigantic incentive to move you to the product with the higher margins?

1 comment:

  1. Well its really NOT the gateway drug. When I started smoking cigarets and drinking was when I realized that there were fun things to do with your perception.

    Still if I wanted to get my hands on some Coke, Heroin or some pills to pop, the dude I would track down for that is whoever sells the pot.

    either way its all a bunch of puritanical crap out there to justify the war on drugs.

    Let's face it, stoners aren't a problem. They eat snacks and laugh at things that aren't funny.

    But Marijuana is illegal, and the best argument they have is "Well if we legalize pot, people will start popping Heroin!"

    For me, I could care less if they shoot Heroin, so long as they're puking in their own home!


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