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11 November 2012

Things You Won't See...

Under CIA Director McThag.  (Or Sentator McThag, Representative McThag, Etc...)

A scandal about my extramarital affairs.

The Lovely Harvey and I have an open relationship and she's one hell of a photographer.

She understands that with power comes money and women!  In that order.

I just wanna see the breathless reporter blowing the roof off the "scandal" and Harvey saying, "Yeah, she was one of the prettier ones, wanna see pictures?"

Just a side note, the open relationship is real; but entirely theoretical because I remain my charming self.  That level of charm has been known to cause perfectly normal well adjusted heterosexual woman to seek the LGBT community with speeds approaching superluminal.

Maybe if I actually had some power... or money...

At least I married above my station!

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