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02 November 2012

Where's My Compassion?

If you're considering donating to relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Sandy consider that their mayor is diverting resources so that the New York Marathon can be run as scheduled. Your donation to NYC will be just like a donation to Somalia: it's not going to go to the people you think you're helping.

I recommend you not donate to the relief effort and call your congress critter to demand that no federal money be spend fixing the place.

Where's my compassion?

The people most affected elected that bastard to do them like this and sending your money up there just enables him to do more harm.  This is tough love.  They will not fix their problem until the problem hurts them; so you have to make sure it hurts.

1 comment:

  1. Sandy likely did more improvements to that city than damage.

    I'm just sayin'


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