26 February 2013


Ordered the furniture from Midway.  The CTR stock was "Out of Stock, Backorder OK, Expected 2/25/13"

It didn't come in as expected.

That changed to overdue then to 4/10/13.

I am sure it's not their fault, but I don't want to wait a month and a half and pay shipping twice.

So I cancelled the order on the stock and searched for "foliage green ctr" on Bing.

Amazon is the first hit.

They have 85 in stock and free shipping for about the same time frame as the $6 shipping from Midway.  Sweet!

Wait, didn't I just hear that Amazon was anti-gun and refuses to sell "assault weapon related parts"?  Um.  I just bought an AR buttstock straight from them, not one of their associated vendors...

PS: I knew that Amazon stocked the parts I wanted all along.  I went with Midway because they specialize in my gun habit and are vocally part of the NYFS boycott.  I like to support the places that support me.  I'll throw some business at Amazon too, because it encourages them to continue to carry this sort of thing.

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