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12 February 2013

Gritty Trigger

You read about trigger pull being "gritty".

I'd just never expected it to be literally true.

There's a plunger on the back of the trigger on a Ruger Mk I, it pushes up on the disconnector.

The oil that I'd put on that plunger had turned very gray since the cleaning I gave it a few weeks ago with lots of dry firing but no rounds down range.

So I applied a lot of LSA to the spot and starting working the plunger up and down wiping out BLACK lubricant now and adding fresh until the LSA stayed its normal semen color.  (You just knew there'd be a sex reference with talk of plungers and lube, right?)

So, after a bunch more cleaning, I put it back together and pull the trigger.  CLICK.

Where did the little gritty feeling go?

I have so many old, cheap guns with gravel-like triggers that I didn't really notice the grit until it was gone.

All in all, it's nice when you fix something and it didn't cost anything and you were already happy with it being "broken".

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