01 February 2013

I'm The Problem?

I beg to differ!

Yes, there's a massive ammo shortage going on because of demand.

Yes, I'd like to buy a couple of boxes of 5.56.

What I did not do is hover over ten ammo sites and buy 500 rounds and then when a buddy called about availability, buy 500 more.

That's 1,000 rounds that someone who has none can't order and you ordered just to show you could for a magazine article.

And you blame me and others like me for cranking up the demand and prices?



I just want 40 rounds to go shooting for fun.

I'll admit, I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to ammo.  I tend to buy one more box than I need every time I go to the range and that extra box accumulates.  I HAVE ammo, so I'm not adding to the panic; but I'll be wanting some before too terribly long.

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